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LLMs will make our jobs obsolete, you mark my words. If you don't believe me, just look at millions of truck drivers who are out of work due to the rise of self-driving cars -- just as it was predicted 10 years ago.

Just found out about Konserthuset Play! Enjoy music from Konserthuset Stockholm for free – world-class performances with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, concerts for children and much more. Very impressive!

For example, this fantastic concert by Gustav Lundgren Trio with guests. The Gustav Lundgren Trio are considered Sweden’s leading interpreters of Django Reinhardt’s equally ground-breaking and irresistible music. Here, we meet the brilliantly swinging trio in a concert from Grünewald Hall.

Gustav Lundgren Trio with guests

It seems like it should be obvious at this point, but the more politically-inclined people try to suppress information, the harder it’ll come back.

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Aren't these amazing herding #dogs?

#Amazing #Training #Animals

One interesting thing here is that DVD sales have been steadily increasing since 2018


DVD Sales Surpass Blu-ray in 2021: Physical Format Market ITIGIC | Technical How-tos, Tips, and Tricks

I wrote about the usage of the term "Glitch" in media

I think social bookmarking would work really well with ActivityPub. I recently read a blog post by about being the web’s discovery-engine of the early 2000s and I think I agree. I also miss discovering interesting posts or obscure websites from people I don't know or "follow". Now that most tech people are starting to appreciate the value of the fediverse, it might be a good time for a community to grow around the idea of social bookmarking again but with ActivityPub and federated servers this time, running a simple piece of software (self-hosted or saas).

Firefox's onboard experience is becoming pretty annoying. They almost go out of their way to prevent you from browsing immediately: choose a color, now choose a shade, now choose an accent, now choose a tint, now welcome! now click to browse. Very annoying.

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Pro tip for anybody on a custom Mastodon server who can't figure out how to follow somebody on

Copy the URL of that person's profile and paste it into your own Mastodon instance's search bar. That'll give you a way to follow them within your instance.

The reason for this is: is using a newer/feature version of the Mastodon code.

Thanks to the excellent support at for telling me about this. Never would have figured it out on my own.

I wrote about where the latest speed improvements in Python 3.11 come from: Part 1 of 2.

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 108: "Hard Out"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on - new cool namespace tags on deck today!