Just watched Everything Everywhere All at Once. Very over hyped I have to say, and incredibly nihilistic (even when it pretends not to be). Excessively farcical, a fetish for choreographed fighting, random universes slapped on top of each other, and an oily message about "family and love".

I'd give it 2/10 at best.

There's a lot to be said about Nix's reproducibility and immutable package management, but it's also incredibly satisfying to see log messages race on the screen all nice and successful when doing a fresh install or a config switch.

Journalists are the new lawyers.

It seems like it should be obvious at this point, but the more politically-inclined people try to suppress information, the harder it’ll come back.


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Aren't these amazing herding #dogs?

#Amazing #Training #Animals

One interesting thing here is that DVD sales have been steadily increasing since 2018

Article: https://itigic.com/dvd-sales-surpass-blu-ray-in-2021-physical-format-market/

DVD Sales Surpass Blu-ray in 2021: Physical Format Market ITIGIC | Technical How-tos, Tips, and Tricks

I wrote about the usage of the term "Glitch" in media https://log.beshr.com/glitch-journalism/

I think social bookmarking would work really well with ActivityPub. I recently read a blog post by @daniel@daniel.priv.no about del.icio.us being the web’s discovery-engine of the early 2000s and I think I agree. I also miss discovering interesting posts or obscure websites from people I don't know or "follow". Now that most tech people are starting to appreciate the value of the fediverse, it might be a good time for a community to grow around the idea of social bookmarking again but with ActivityPub and federated servers this time, running a simple del.icio.us-like piece of software (self-hosted or saas).


Firefox's onboard experience is becoming pretty annoying. They almost go out of their way to prevent you from browsing immediately: choose a color, now choose a shade, now choose an accent, now choose a tint, now welcome! now click to browse. Very annoying.

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Pro tip for anybody on a custom Mastodon server who can't figure out how to follow somebody on mastodon.social:

Copy the URL of that person's profile and paste it into your own Mastodon instance's search bar. That'll give you a way to follow them within your instance.

The reason for this is: mastodon.social is using a newer/feature version of the Mastodon code.

Thanks to the excellent support at masto.host for telling me about this. Never would have figured it out on my own.

I wrote about where the latest speed improvements in Python 3.11 come from: https://log.beshr.com/python-311-speedup-part-1/ Part 1 of 2.

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Podcasting 2.0 Episode 108: "Hard Out"
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org - new cool namespace tags on deck today! http://l.curry.com/fBu

I think the main reason "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" is so bad is that it lacks the feel of folklore or mythology that I'd imagine a Tolkien's work should feel like and at which the movies were exceptional.

The whole series feels like an Avengers movie.